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Wallpaper shop in kolkata


Pvc wallpaper

Starting price RS.1500 per roll including installation charges

Customised Wallpaper

Starting price RS.75 per sqft including installation


Wallpaper shop in salt lake

Wallpaper store in salt lake The wall of your rooms will decide how much you spent behind your entire building. So why not make it eye-catching? our wallpaper shop in salt lake is serving the best designs of wallpapers at an affordable price all over Kolkata. You too, visit us today to make your home beautiful!

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Wallpaper store in salt lake: To make your home a beautifully designed palace, only quality products, and huge investment is not sufficient. But if you can access the right expert and the technology of the hour, you will be benefited from both sides: design as well as budget. We are one of the best and reliable providers of wallpapers in salt lake as well as the best wallpaper dealers in salt lake. And over the “location e” has almost a type of monopoly in terms of customer preferences. So many other suppliers of wallpapers are there but customers prefer us more than them. We think our commitment and to keep those promises is what makes customers happy over the past 10 years. Our specialties: We are not only a wallpaper supplier but also the manufacturer of the best wallpapers in salt lake. We can design your concept, customized wallpapers as per your choice and preferences. Though we have 20000 readymade designs of wallpaper. We always take the fair price of wallpapers, no matter how much scarcity is there in terms of supply and production. We handle the delivery and fitting of wallpapers too. So customers get a hassle-free one-stop solution in the way of building their dream home. Get ready to design your home the way your mind wants. We are always happy to support your dreams. So always find the best wallpaper in salt lake from the best wallpaper shop in salt lake.


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