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Wallpaper shop in kolkata


Pvc wallpaper

Starting price RS.1500 per roll including installation charges

Customised Wallpaper

Starting price RS.75 per sqft including installation


Wallpaper shop in chandini

Wallpaper shop in chandini The wall of your rooms will decide how much you spent behind your entire building. So why not make it appealing, eye-catching? WS is serving the best designs of wallpapers at an affordable price all over Kolkata. You too, visit us today to make your home beautiful! with the best wallpaper shop in chandini.

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Wallpaper store in "chandini": How much you have spent behind your dream home, your interior design can tell that at a glance. But in this costly market, you need not a Hollywood budget to perfectly design your home just like a dream palace. Yes. technology has made it easier and more affordable for every homeowner in “chandini” and all-around Kolkata. Needless to mention, you have got my point! It’s nothing but the wallpaper store in chandini can decorate your home just like a five-star hotel at an affordable price in kolkata. Our wallpaper shop in chandini is supplying more than 20000+ designs along with the delivery and fitting of pvc wallpapers for your buildings in “chandini” since 2010. We have experienced in this pvc wallpaper design as well as in decoration work for over 10 years. Today we can claim as the best customised wallpaper shop in chandini all over Kolkata with full confidence. The base of this claim is our customer base and their satisfaction with our quality product and support. Besides all these notable features we are committed to personify your design concept if our readymade designs can not impress you. We are always ready to deliver customized designs with our advanced 3D technology. And our charges are always reasonable and fair. Honesty and quality is the main pillar of our success in this 3d wallpaper business like any other businesses. So, without any skepticism visit us and we guarantee your satisfaction with your interior.


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